Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Air India ticket at Rs. 100

It was reported in TOI, Zee news and other news publication that Indian Airlines i.e Air India will be selling tickets for Rs 100 for five days from Wednesday 27th Aug 2014 to Sunday 31st Aug 2014 which was to commemorate the merger of erstwhile Indian Airlines and Air India on 27th Aug 2007.

The sale of these tickets was announced that it will be made only through the Air India website for five days and for travel between August 27 and September 30, 2014, only.
Its but natural on hearing Rs. 100 air travel charges, everyone pounced upon Air India website The website crashed on its first day of the Rs. 100 offer.
The site was showing the following system busy message.

Eventually after periodic interval checking, was able to login to the website and searched randomly for tickets with Rs. 100, as curious as i was. But to no avail. Checked various flight route combination and for various dates, on weekdays where the travel would be lesser, still no luck. As i was traversing through some of the flight routes, i noticed some pricing with fairly cheaper rates as compared to the normal fares of Air India.

Now i understood what they actually meant by Air India ticket at Rs. 100.

Check the below image

By 100 Rs ticket they meant Base Fare per traveller would be Rs. 100 and the taxes would  be added to the same.